Sunday 17 February 2019

LABOUR are RED | Poems NOT just for Valentines's Day

Earlier in the week I wrote some poems. I learnt how to make memes too….

Roses are red,
Labour is too.
Sisters and brothers,
I salute You.

In our thousands we campaign,
With love and support.
Together we’re stronger,
In all that we’ve fought.

So onwards and upwards,
Despite insult and smear,
Remember who told us,
‘It’s YOU that they fear.’

          Labour are red,
Tories are blue.
When voting day comes,
You know what to do.
If you care #4TheMany,
And (rightly) mistrust the few.
Then please vote for Labour
Who care for you too.

Media don’t help us,
Their interest is nil.
Don’t let that stop you,
For triumph we will.

Roses are red,
Labour is too.
The Red Flag is flying,
For me and for you.

For peace and for justice,
For the young and the old,
Shoulder to shoulder,
We need to be bold.

United we're powerful,
Together we stand.
Our present, their futures,
It's all in our hand(s).

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