Fiction, Memoir and More

In addition to embedding fiction and memoir in some of my academic publications I also write factual, fictional and memoir pieces for non-academic/public audiences. I publish some of these writings on this blog and also see: 


Numerous entries on personal blog Arwenack Creatives and on sister blog Arwenack Celebrants 


Letherby G (2017) Gender, Knowledge and Representation: some reflections and examples from a researcher and writer (for Blaidh’s Tales anthologia #Gender Edition 

Letherby G (2017) Losses and Legacies: some creative reflections on death and loss (for Blaidh’s Tales anthologia #Death Edition 

Letherby G (2018) ‘Personal Reflections on Non/Mothers, Other-Mothers, Mothering and Being Mothered, Centre for Reproductive Research BLOG, 

Letherby G (2018) ‘Losses, Legacies and P/political Working’ Social Theory and Health 

Letherby G (2019) ‘Guest Blog: A letter to my miscarried baby’ Ageing Well Without Children (AWOL) 

Letherby G (2020) ‘The Gift of Sharing: Food Provision During the Covid-19 Lockdown in the UK’ The Sociological Review 

Letherby G (2020) #WeAreCorbyn: self and other, politics and political activism’ in Godsell A (ed) Get the Tories Out! Independently published 

Letherby G (2023) ‘The woman who cleans her house in the nude (and other secrets from Trelawny Lane)’ Edition #12 sofizine Edition #12 – SO FI ZINE 

Fiction and Memoir 

Letherby G (2012) ‘Temper and Tenacity’ (490 words) Flash 500 (3rd PRIZE

Letherby G ‘Thank You For The Days’ (499 words) 500 (Shortlisted, Autumn 2012 competition) New Writer Prose & Poetry Prizes (2012) (Named Finalist) 

Letherby G 'Hard Labour’ (595 words) Multi-Story (2012) (Honourable Mention) 

Letherby G 'Desert Island DMs’ (999 words) Five Stop Story (PUBLISHED, Honourable Mention October 2012 competition).

Letherby G ‘A Wonderful Life’ (341 words) in Parkinson-Hardman L (2014) Hysteria 3 (Hysteria Anthologies) London: The Hysteria Association (short-listed and published) 

Letherby G ‘He Loves Me, Not’ (296 words) in Parkinson-Hardman L (2015) Hysteria 4 (Hysteria Anthologies) London: The Hysteria Association (Winner)  

Letherby G 'Natural Selection' (300 words) Bath Flash Fiction Awards (Shortlisted February 2016 competition) PUBLISHED in the Bath Anthology end of 2016

             Letherby G Rhythm of Life’ (300 words) Fish Publishing (Shortlisted April 2016 competition) 


PLUS, numerous on




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