Wednesday 30 May 2018

#STILLCROSS | #notmyfeminism @JamesCleverly

Here I am on a fairly sunny afternoon minding my own business when I thought I'd just check my twitter account. Mistake. First there was this:

@JamesCleverly: And on the point about whether Theresa May is a proper feminist, it’s worth noting that she’s spent her whole time in Parliament working to get more women elected to Westminster. She prioritised domestic violence, domestic abuse, and modern slavery whilst Home Secretary.

To which I replied:

@gletherby: Austerity disproportionately affects women + rape clause + period poverty + treatment of women at Yarl’s Wood + welcomes to world leaders with obvious misogynistic views etc etc etc #notmyfeminism @JamesCleverly

And also this:

@JamesCleverly: Those Labour women who are pointing at Theresa May, a highly successful women in a traditionally man’s world, and trying to undermine her over abortion rights in a devolved part of the UK should ask themselves “am I a proper feminist?” [NB these are just two tweets in Cleverly's 'educational' thread]  

My (sarcastic) response:

@gletherby: Thanks for the advice @JamesCleverly - my sweet little head is obviously so full of all things pink and fluffy I am unable (as are my sisters) to think or speak for myself on reproductive and human rights #feminism

Feeling slightly (just slightly) better for having responded, not that I am under any illusion that I’ll get a reply.


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