Friday, 19 January 2018

Spinning and Spanning | #BorisBridge

In addition to my writings here I also publish stories, poems and memoir on ABCtales Today I responded to this week’s ‘inspiration point’: ‘Prose or poetry (or both!) to include mention of three different months of the year and two songs.Spinning and Spanning is the result:


Checking the calendar I confirm the date. The 19th January, not April the 1st.

And yet it appears to be true.

A Foreign Secretary with a less than credible history when it comes to plans for the building of bridges. (His travel covered Garden Bridge not abandoned until £46 million of our money had already been spent),

This week suggests another.

Less of a Bridge Over Troubled Water we are told,

Rather a new ‘fixed link’ between the UK and France.  


Perhaps not such a surprise on #NationalPopcornDay.


Already attracting more attention than it deserves,

I appreciate the irony of my addition to the ‘debate’. (The scare quotes highlighting the comedic value of the discussion.)

Alongside royal wedding memorabilia (did you see those dolls?) and the loan of the Bayeux Tapestry in 2020, perhaps in October; the Battle of Hastings anniversary month,

It serves as distraction from NHS crises, corporate failings and failure, creeping privatisation and the shocking eugenic protestations from some in positions of power.

Not to mention the costs and mechanics of building a structure so complex and large,

And add to that the tunnel we already have.


My advice to the minister and to everyone else: Let it Go. 

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